The beautiful and serene sound of waves lapping at the Gulf shore is your lullaby each night if you choose.  Of course, you always have the option to shut the world out…. from everything, but near-perfect silence with just a few cranks of the windows.  Of course you can also choose to view a wide variety of entertainment on the giant LCD screen or surf the web for local events and attractions.

Martinique sits high atop 22 foot piers and your view of the water is a breathtaking 270° from the waters off the Seawall across the entire expanse of your new home, past San Luis Pass and on over to a view of the Bay.  And one of the really nice pleasures of this experience is that most of this view is available from the comfort of the master bedroom bed (for those days you just don’t feel like getting up!) As our guests often tell us, “Once you’re here you’re not going to want to leave”, but please be  kind; share the experience. We look forward to each and every guest and strive to constantly improve your experience.

Whatever your desire, this inviting and quintessential white bead-board cottage home is your sanctuary when you spend it at “Martinique”, and the welcoming gentle breezes swaying your hammock under the shade of this magnificent home will convince you, you’ve finally reached your vacation destination, and you’re now on “Island Time”.